• Dark Chocolate and Date Truffles

     One of the most loved delicacy of this holy month are dates. We bring you a decadent way to serve dates to your guests. Dark chocolate, nuts and cookie chunks make some finger licking [...]

  • Chicken Paprika Crostini with Caramelized Onion

     This recipe brings together some incredible flavours that compliment each other too well. A rich chicken and paprika spread with a kick of herbs is stuffed in toasted bread cups topped with caramelised onions [...]

  • Shawarma Canapé

    As the temperature is rising and Muslims around the world are observing fast it becomes quite daunting a task to stand for hours in the kitchen and prepare time consuming recipes. I, thereby have [...]

  • Pizza Cracker Crostini

    It's been quite a long while since I last posted a recipe for you all. Life had been too busy lately. Nonetheless I am back again with loads of new and exciting stuff, not [...]

  • Garlic Sour Cream Bread Bites

    A recipe that is simple and time saving can be any chef's best friend. We all spend hours in our kitchen to prepare a splendid array of recipes to adorn our tea party tables [...]

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